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Which digital education systems and resources are used in StREAM@Leeds

StREAM@Leeds collates data on a student's usage of digital education systems such as Minerva, library systems, lecture capture, and other key systems throughout their studies. Individual interactions with these systems are known as Resource Activities. These interactions can involve a variety of actions, from simply logging onto a particular system to accessing specific areas within it. Whilst some systems will only have one source of activity that is used by StREAM@Leeds, others will have multiple.

For example, Zoom only has one Resource Activity identifying when a student joins a live session whilst Minerva has multiple resource activities, e.g., identifying when a student logs into the system, opens a Module page or joins a forum etc.

The table below contains all Resource Activities currently included in StREAM@Leeds:

Resource ActivitySystemWhat is it?
Mediasite ViewsMediasiteViewing videos in Mediasite
Library Book LoansAlmaPhysical loans from the University library
E-resource accessOpen AthensAccessing a University library e-resource
Library VisitsSentryEntering a University library in person
Minerva Forum AccessMinervaAccessing a forum area within Minerva
Minerva UploadMinervaAccessing an upload area within Minerva
Minerva Assessment accessMinervaAccessing an assessment area within Minerva
Minerva Module Page accessMinervaAccessing a module area within Minerva
Minerva LoginMinervaLogging onto Minerva
Minerva Mobile LoginMinervaLogging onto Minerva via mobile
Collaborate UltraMinervaJoining a meeting in Collaborate Ultra
MS Teams MeetingsMS TeamsJoining a meeting in MS Teams
MS Teams ChatMS TeamsUsing chat function in MS Teams
Zoom MeetingsZoomJoining a meeting in Zoom
PebblePad LoginPebblePadLogging onto PebblePad

Within StREAM@Leeds, each of these Resource Activities are represented by individual Resource Activity cards on the RESOURCE tab, allowing the student and staff involved in digital engagement monitoring, the opportunity to consider their interactions with individual Digital Education systems/resources.

StREAM@Leeds uses some of these Resource Activities to calculate a student's Engagement Rating. You can see which Resource Activities are used to calculate Engagement Ratings and their weightings in these calculations, in the Resource Type pie chart on the RESOURCE tab. Full-time students have a different weighting to part-time students.


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