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What does the Interactions tab show? - Student Guide

The INTERACTIONS tab displays a list of any Notifications you have triggered, and any Exemptions that have been applied.

  • For any Notifications you have triggered you will see:
    • The date the Notification was triggered.
    • Details of the type of Notification (No Digital Activity/Low Digital Activity). Your school and faculty code is included in these details,
  • For any Exemptions that have been applied you will see:
    • The start and end date of the Exemption.
    • The reason for the Exemption e.g. Placement, Authorised Absence

Exemptions can be created for a defined period of time if a student is not expected to engage with digital education systems for a particular reason (e.g. placement). If an Exemption is added by school staff, this will prevent the student from triggering Notifications.

Whilst the Learning Journey Map graph on the CURRENT ENGAGEMENT tab presents this information in the form a graph and icons, the INTERACTIONS tab shows it as a list. You may find the list easier to refer to if you want to look back.

Further reading

Questions about what you see on this tab?

Notifications and Exemptions are set up and managed the Student Education Service Team within your school. If you have any questions about the Notifications or Exemptions displayed within this tab please contact your school's Student Education Service team.

Exemptions can only be added by staff within your school's Student Education Service team who are involved in digital engagement monitoring.