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What are Exemptions in StREAM@Leeds? - Student Guide

Exemptions are used to prevent a student and the student's parent school from receiving automated notifications that are usually triggered when a student is not meeting selected thresholds of engagement or activity.

Exemptions can be set to cover any date range, and can be applied for one of 5 reasons in StREAM@Leeds:

  • Authorised Absence - The student has been granted an authorised absence from their faculty/school/institute via the Minerva Absence self-certification process or via the mitigating circumstances process. This can also apply to programme specific off-site fieldwork/field trips.
  • Break in Learning (DA) - The student is currently on an approved break in learning for their degree apprenticeship.
  • Dissertation Period – The student is currently completing the dissertation period of their degree.
  • Practice Placement Block – Student currently on a practice placement or is off-site as part of their learning.
  • Withdrawn – This can be used as a temporary exemption on a student record and can be used for students who are awaiting their banner registration to reflect temporary or permanent leave. Student registration status changes in Banner can take a minimum of a week to reflect in StREAM@Leeds.

How to tell if an Exemption has been applied.

There are two ways for students to identify if an Exemption has been applied to their record in StREAM@Leeds:

  1. The Interactions tab will show when and why an Exemption has been applied.
  2. Light blue shading covering part of their engagement rating line chart indicates a period of Exemption has been applied.

Who manages Exemptions?

Exemptions are managed by the school Student Education Service staff responsible for supporting your programme of study. They can set-up, extend, move or delete Exemptions.