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What does the StREAM@Leeds Current Engagement Tab show? - Student Guide

The Current Engagement tab in StREAM@Leeds presents a summary of the Engagement Rating data, displaying the last four weeks by default. This tab contains 3 charts displaying engagement data:

  • Learning Journey Map (engagement line chart)
  • Engagement Breakdown chart
  • Engagement Calendar

When accessing your student profile, the Current Engagement tab will be selected by default. At the top of the Current Engagement tab are filter options including a date range and additional information options. Some filter options only apply to the main Line chart, such as Cohort Average and Top 25%.

Learning Journey Map

This line chart is an interactive display of your Engagement Ratings over a determined time at the University. The chart updates to reflect the date range filter, which is set to the last 4 weeks by default. The line chart can also be changed to a daily or overall display by clicking the buttons above the graph.

The chart is interactive and allows you to select additional elements to be displayed. These include:​​​​​​​

  • Notification Events - Flags dates when you have received a Notification (highlighted by a purple line and icon featuring an alarm clock)
  • Course Change Events - Flags dates when a change of course has occurred (highlighted by a purple line and icon featuring two arrows)
  • Cohort Average Engagement Line - A line displaying the average daily Engagement Ratings of your cohort (red dotted line)
  • Top 25% Engagement Line - A line displaying the average daily Engagement Ratings of the top 25% of your cohort (green dashed line)
  • Exemption events - Periods where your activity has been exempt from Engagement Rating calculations (highlighted in light blue)

stream student chart

Engagement Breakdown Chart

The Engagement Breakdown chart provides a visual percentage-based view of how much time you have spent in each Engagement Rating category. This is also defined by the date range selected at the top of the page. You can use the charts to quickly see which Engagement Ratings you are getting most frequently.

Engagement Calendar

In the bottom right of the Engagement tab there is a rolling calendar that shows your daily Engagement Ratings over a monthly period.  This can help you identify any patterns of engagement, for example, if you are more engaged on weekends. You can use the calendar to see if you prefer to work during the week or over the weekend.

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