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What is StREAM@Leeds? - Student Guide

StREAM@Leeds is the University of Leeds Learning Analytics system. Leeds is implementing StREAM@Leeds as a tool for you to take ownership of the way you engage with digital systems and services at the University, as well as enhance your Academic Personal Tutoring meetings with a data-driven context.

By collating data from a variety of Digital Education systems and University services - including the likes of Minerva, virtual classrooms and library access - StREAM@Leeds can tell you which resources you have been using most frequently at any point of your studies. StREAM@Leeds is also able to provide you with daily Engagement Ratings, summarising your activity with digital resources in a snapshot that is quick and easy to understand.

As the system grows and the University learns more about individual learning journeys, the University's ability to understand and enhance our pedagogical approach will be invaluable. By having access to crucial learning data the University can review, adapt and enhance our curriculum and assessments in partnership with students.


How can you use StREAM@Leeds?

How you use StREAM@Leeds is up to you! We appreciate that as all students approach their studies in different ways, the same should be considered when approaching StREAM@Leeds as well. Whilst providing access to your Learning Analytics data will be hugely beneficial to many, how and when you consult your StREAM@Leeds dashboard is always your choice and shouldn't be considered a compulsory element of your time at Leeds. Whilst your Academic Personal Tutor and Student Support staff in your School will also have access to the system in order to provide you support where needed, ultimately it is you who chooses how much and often you consult the data in StREAM@Leeds.

For those interested in exploring Learning Analytics at Leeds, the dashboards within StREAM@Leeds will enable you to have meaningful insights and increased visibility into how you interact with the various digital tools that are made available to you. This system is designed to empower you to take control of your learning in a way you feel comfortable and confident, and can be accessed throughout your time at Leeds.

This approach will also help the University to promote constructive and catered conversations between you and your Academic Personal Tutor, allowing support to be provided faster and more appropriately. Alongside the introduction of PebblePad, StREAM@Leeds equally helps contribute directly to a completely refreshed approach to Academic Personal Tutoring. Whilst PebblePad provides you with a method of digitally structuring and recording your APT meetings, demonstrating learning progress via StREAM@Leeds will help you and your tutor consider a data driven approach to your studies, in order to better understand in more detail any barriers to success and enable more informed conversations to support your success.