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Managing/Hiding the Enrolments section in modules and organisations - Staff Guide

The Enrolments section which can be accessed from the Details & Actions menu lists all enrolled users and their role on the module/organisation. By default, both staff and students can see the first name, surname and University username of others that are enrolled on the same module or organisation. If staff/students have added pronunciation information for their name, this also displays here.

Being able to see who else is enrolled can help build a community amongst students, however, there may be use cases where you would prefer students not to see who else is enrolled, particularly on organisations. For example, you may have an organisation used for a research activity and participation is confidential.

If you would prefer students not to see the enrolments section, it can be hidden.

Before you hide enrolments from students it is important to note:

  • Students will continue to see a list of staff enrolled as Instructor(s)/Leader(s) under the Module/Organisation Staff heading. This list does not include any staff enrolled as an Assistant, Grader or Module Builder.
  • This will not anonymise any interactions, and student names will continue to be displayed in other parts of the module/organisation including any interactive tools like the Discussion Board or Groups.

Hide Enrolments

To hide Enrolments from students:

  1. Go to your module or organisation
  2. From the Details & Actions menu, under the Enrolments heading, select View everyone on the module/organisation.

3. From the top right of the screen click the dropdown which should say Visible to students and change it to Hidden from students.

Students will no longer see the Enrolments section in the Details & Actions menu.

Staff with editing rights will still be able to access access the Enrolments section via the 'View everyone on the module' link in the Details & Actions menu.

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