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What are Organisations in Minerva - Student Guide

Organisations are almost identical to modules in Minerva and are often referred to as Orgs.

What is their purpose?

Organisations are often used for any learning and teaching purpose that isn’t already covered by an existing Minerva module. For example, you may be part of an organisation for:

  • your school (which provides you school level information).
  • your programme of study
  • your faculty
  • the Academic Integrity tutorial and test (a mandatory tutorial and test, every undergraduate student must complete).

How can I access an organisation?

The Global Navigation menu has a link to the Organisations page. This lists all the organisations you are enrolled on. You can scroll through your list of organisations  or use the Search field to find a particular organisation.

If you expect to see an organisation that isn't listed on your Organisations page, please contact your School Programme Support Team for guidance, you can find their details on the Enrolment Support contact list on the Student Education website.