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Academic Personal Tutoring using ePortfolio and Learning Analytics


The University of Leeds has procured two new Digital Education systems to support students and staff; an ePortfolio system (PebblePad) and a Learning Analytics system (StREAM@Leeds).

These systems will contribute directly to a completely refreshed approach to Academic Personal Tutoring at Leeds and help us to address attainment gaps, student retention and student success.

Initial Rollout in Spring 2021 (Participation of select Schools)

The implementation of the PebblePad and StREAM@Leeds systems will be delivered in phases, starting with a small number of schools. The initial implementation will provide both systems to students and APTs. Also during this period, the initial StREAM@Leeds system will use a limited number of data sources.

Ongoing development will increase the number of data sources included and widen the dashboard views available, to include those for Student Support/Student Success colleagues, Module Leaders and Programme Leaders.

Preparing for September 2021 (University-wide release)

In order to best support all students and staff when using these new systems within Academic Personal Tutoring, it is vital that we thoroughly evaluate the effectiveness and understanding of the systems by our users during this initial rollout. Therefore we will be asking those involved in this early stage to provide feedback, case studies and to share best practice.