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Issue with disabling the Top Hat gradebook

Service Disruption
Top Hat

Top Hat is currently investigating an issue with the Top Hat Grade Book.

It is currently not possible to disable/enable the Top Hat Gradebook from the Top Hat course settings, Grading tab. Checking or unchecking the box and pressing Save does not result in your change being saved.

How could this affect me?

If your Top Hat Gradebook is currently enabled, students will be able to see their grades immediately after the test closes (for auto marked questions). Our Top Hat guidance states that you should disable the Top Hat Gradebook to prevent students from viewing their marks after a test closes as Schools should not release summative marks through Top Hat. Summative marks must be approved at the Assessment Boards and sent to A&P. A&P then releases the final marks.

What should I do if I need to disable/enable the Top Hat Gradebook?

If you are using Top Hat for summative assessments and need to disable your Top Hat Gradebook, please contact Top Hat support directly and they will do this for you.

Top Hat support is available from 2:30pm to 8pm therefore we encourage you to plan ahead and check the settings of your Top Hat Grade book before any planned assessments. You can contact Top Hat support by logging into to Top Hat and clicking the Live Chat icon from the top right.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused; we are working with the vendor to resolve this issue quickly.