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Minerva Monthly Update - May 2024

New Features / Bug Fixes / Releases

The May update introduces improvements to Blackboard Tests, Gradebook navigation and conditional availability.

Blackboard Tests

In the April update, the option for staff to provide contextual feedback by student on all question types when grading by student was introduced. Now, this functionality is available when grading by question.

To add feedback to a student's answer, look for the + feedback icon next to where the score displays:

Gradebook Navigation

The grid and list view buttons have been replaced with text links. The link to view student details has also been moved to the top level.

The options are now:

  • Gradable Items (a list of all assessment items in the module)
  • Grades (the grid view - where you see the latest grade for all students for their assessments)
  • Students (a list of all students which gives access to student activity/progress tracking reports and their submissions)

The last option you selected is remembered when you return to the Gradebook in that module.

Conditional Availability

You can release an item or folder in your Minerva module when a student achieves a certain score on an assessment in the module. It is now possible to create multiple performance conditions i.e. a student must achieve a certain score on multiple assessments for content to display.

For more information, read our guide on conditional availability.