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Minerva Monthly Update – October 2022

New Features / Bug Fixes / Releases

The October update to Minerva introduces the staff view of progress tracking functionality in Ultra Course View modules. There are also improvements to Tests and the rendering of Math Formulas. 

New Features 

Staff view of progress tracking 

Staff can already enable progress tracking on their module. When enabled, students can easily see which items on a module they have opened and can also mark them as ‘complete’. With this release, staff can now see this activity per item on their module. Staff can launch an overview of activity highlighting whether students are engaging with the content. Find out more by reading the Progress Tracking Staff Guide.  

Auto Save functionality in Ultra Course View Tests – improvements to Essay question 

Improvements have been made to this question to help prevent loss of work. Any text entered into this question type will be saved 2 seconds after a student stops typing. If their network is lost whilst completing the question, students will see an on-screen warning. 

Math Formulas – improvements for screen-readers 

Staff can directly enter latex into the Ultra Course View content editor. This creates an image. The image format has been updated to make this work better with screen-readers.