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Minerva - Test tool, extra credit option


In February an update to Minerva brought a new 'extra credit' option to the Test tool. This means you can currently assign individual questions in Tests as 'extra credit'. Extra credit questions allow students to overachieve on a Test e.g. if your Test has 10 standard questions totalling 100 points and one extra credit question worth 10 points, a student will score 110 points out of 100 if they get all 11 questions correct. The use case is extra credit questions can then be used to allow students to earn back points lost on other assessments.

The next monthly release to Minerva in March (provisionally set for 2 March), will give us the option to disable extra credit questions across Minerva. Following initial discussions with SES, we will disable the option whilst a consultation to determine whether there is a use case for this functionality at Leeds is completed.

If you have concerns about the removal of the extra credit option in the Test tool, please contact us via the IT Service Desk.