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Padlet's 2023 Summer Release


Padlet has released a whole host of new functionality available in the tool including:

  • Polls - Add a poll to your post to conduct a vote, quiz, or survey. 
  • Schedule posts - You are now able to schedule posts so that they publish at a specific time. Schedule posts up to one year in the future. 
  • Post Drafts - When you begin writing a post, it will autosave and remain on the padlet. Access auto-saved post drafts across devices and sessions. 
  • AI Image creator - I can't draw is a feature that allows you to add AI-generated images to your padlets. 
  • Safety Net - AI-powered content moderation - Safety Net automatically reads new posts, blocks inappropriate content, and notifies the padlet owner. 
  • Export and embed slideshows Export your slideshows as images and PDFs. Embed slideshows on your websites and blogs. 
  • Mentions - Notify individual collaborators by mentioning them in posts or comments. Create a mention the way you would on a social media site.