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Turnitin Grade Centre Issue - July 2022


An issue has been identified where Grade Centre columns for Turnitin assignments in Original Course View (21/22 modules and earlier) are automatically un-hidden from students following any saving of the assignment settings within the Turnitin interface. This occurs regardless of whether any changes are made to the assignment itself, clicking "Submit" within the Turnitin assignment settings at any point will reveal the grade column to students.

This has been acknowledged as an error by Blackboard, who are planning to release a fix in a future update. We understand this will have a significant impact on marking and will continue to update when further information is available.

Until this fix is in place, instructors will need to re-hide the column following any time assignment settings are saved (even if unmodified) within Original modules. Where changes aren't required, closing the Turnitin window will not save settings, and will not affect column visibility.