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Once you have created a Padlet, you will need to set your privacy settings before it can be shared with others to view/contribute to.


Set your permissions

When you create a Padlet, the default setting will be Private, at this point only you and UoL Padlet Digital Education Systems Administrators can see the Padlet.

When you are ready for others to see your Padlet, open your chosen Padlet and click on Share (from the top right of the Padlet dashboard when using a PC).

Choose Change Privacy, you will then see 4 privacy options.

Select Secret (this seems like an odd choice but is the one you should pick if you want others to see it).

Do not choose Org wide unless you want your Padlet to appear on the dashboard of every UoL Padlet user.

Once you select Secret, you will then see the option to set Visitor Permissions.

Click the Can read drop down menu to open the available options. You will now set the visitor permissions for your Padlet.

  • If you want visitors to be able to view and add posts to your Padlet without being able to delete or modify the Padlet structure choose Can write.
  • If you want visitors to only be able to view your Padlet (not add any posts) choose Can Read.
  • If you want visitors to be able to view, add and modify your Padlet choose Can Edit.

Click outside of the white box to close the visitor permissions options.

Padlet Sharing Visitor Permissions Options Box with the area above and below highlighted. This is where you should click to close the box.

Click Save.

You Padlet is now ready to share.

Advanced Sharing: Collaborating on Private Padlets

You can share a private Padlet with colleagues to work on collaboratively ahead of sharing it with a wider audience. You would do this by inviting members to join your Padlet.

You will need to:

  • Check that all your contributors have a Padlet account in the UoL domain
  • Select Share > Add Members > enter the name or username@leeds of your contributors
  • Save your changes

You can then share the URL with your contributors so they can work on your Padlet collectively.

Sharing your Padlet

There are a number of ways for you to share your Padlet:

  • You can copy the Padlet URL and share this in an email/chat message.
  • You can embed the Padlet in a Microsoft Team by creating a tab in a Teams channel. Click + > Website >  paste in your Padlet URL and give the tab a suitable name. For further guidance see, Embed a Padlet into a Microsoft Team channel.
  • You can embed your Padlet into a Minerva module/organisation. For further guidance see, Embed a Padlet into a Minerva area.
  • Generate a QR code.

You can find the Padlet URL by clicking on the Share option in the top right of your Padlet and choosing Copy link to clipboard.

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