Embed a Padlet into a Minerva area – Staff Guide

You will need to be an instructor on the Module or Organisation you want to add the Padlet to. For guidance on how to create a Padlet see, Creating, Sharing and Posting on Padlets.

1. Start by logging into Padlet. The University of Leeds Padlet URL is: https://universityofleeds.padlet.org/

2. Open the Padlet you want to share in Minerva. Your Padlet privacy setting should be set to Secret. Make sure your visitor permissions are what you intend (read, write, or edit). See, Sharing your Padlet for a summary of the privacy and permissions settings.

3. Click Share (this is in the top right when you are using a PC), this will open the share options, choose Embed in your blog or website. The HTML code for your Padlet will then be displayed.

4. Click Copy underneath the HTML code to copy it.

screenshot of padlet embed url and copy url button

5. Log into Minerva and select the Module/Organisation that you want to add the Padlet to.

6. In the content area, locate where you would like to add the Padlet and click on the plus button and select Create. A menu will appear on the left hand side of the screen. From here select document.

Gif of Padlet Platform

7. Enter a name for your document. Then select Add HTML.

Screenshot of the Ultra platform

8. Paste the copied code of your Padlet into the HTML window and click Save.

screenshot of pasted source code in minerva for a padlet

9. You can now return to your Module area and you will have embedded your Padlet into a document.

Student interaction with Padlets in Minerva

When a Padlet is embedded into Minerva a student is not required to have a Padlet account to contribute. If the student has a Padlet account they are not required to log in. If you want to see who has contributed to your Padlet you will need to ask your students to remember to write their name on their posts. Even if you have attribution turned on in your Padlet settings, students will be anonymous unless they are logged into their Padlet account. See, Sharing your Padlet for further guidance.

When you set up your Padlet you decide who can see it and whether they can read, write or edit your Padlet. For more information on privacy and contributor permissions, see Sharing your Padlet