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Create and share a Padlet

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Create a Padlet
Add posts to a Padlet
Share your Padlet
Getting Inspiration for your Padlets

Create a Padlet

1. Login to Padlet: using your University of Leeds credentials. If you have not yet created a University of Leeds Padlet account see, Create a Padlet account.

2. The Padlet dashboard will appear, click the Make a Padlet button.

screenshot of the padlet homepage with the make a padlet button highlighted

3. Click on a format to choose one. You can hover over each format to reveal a preview.

gif of editor hovering over padlet formats and choosing one

4. Padlet adds a default title. Replace the title and add a description. You can change the wallpaper but avoid white because it can make comments difficult to see.

gif of editor replacing padlet title and adding a description

5. Enable or disable posting and content settings such as displaying the author names on posts, allowing post comments and post reactions.

screenshot of posting and content settings in padlet

You can change the format used for a Padlet after it has been created. For more information, see the Change the template format used for my Padlet guide.

Add Posts to a Padlet

1. Double-click on the Padlet or click the plus button on the bottom right.

2. Add a title and content. Click Publish to post it on the Padlet.

You can add different files, media and links to a post. For more information, see the Add a post guide (this link redirects to the Padlet support website).

Share your Padlet

When you are ready to share a Padlet, you need to set your privacy settings. You can watch the following or if you prefer written guidance, see the Share your Padlet guide.

Getting Inspiration for your Padlets

Click on Gallery, where you can view examples of Padlets.

screenshot of padlet with highlighted gallery button

Further Help and Support

You can access additional guides and video tutorials by going to the Padlet support website. To access it, click the ellipsis at the bottom right of the Padlet dashboard and select Help and feedback.

gif of editor opening padlet's help website

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