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PebblePad Guide: 6 Minute onboarding

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This article contains six short videos on the basics of using and navigating PebblePad.

To log in to PebblePad:

  • Please go to:
  • From the options displayed on screen, choose University of Leeds account and click Login to PebblePad.
  • You will then be taken to the University log in page where you will need to enter your and password.

1. PebblePad in a Nutshell

This video explains what can be created in PebblePad. It also gives an overview of the different areas of PebblePad including ATLAS which is the teaching, learning and assessment space of PebblePad.


2. PebblePad Basics

This video explains the PebblePad homepage - the starting point for all journeys on PebblePad.


3. Navigating PebblePad

This video explains how to navigate around PebblePad and find commonly used menus.


4. Get Creative

This video explains how you can choose from 5 standard templates to build Assets that bring together your content.


Template nameHow they can be used
Pagesare good for more narrative styles of presentation.
Blogscan be used to create chronological presentations and are often used for keeping a reflective or observational journal.
Collections can be used to automatically collate assets that meet a specified criteria.
Activity Logsare similar to collections and also contain records of time spent on development activities.
Portfoliosare like folders and can contain your pages, blogs, collections etc.

5. Save and Share

This video explains how to save, preview and share PebblePad Assets with others.  Top tip: when working in PebblePad, make sure to save frequently and close your work safely.


6. Assets vs Resources

This video explains the differences between Assets and Resources which are a critical part of PebblePad.


Further Help and Support

There are several ways to access help and support from within PebblePad once you are logged in. The Learning Centre is a good place to start, it contains short how-to videos, a useful glossary and tip sheets.

Screenshot of PebblePad platform
You can also open the Burger Menu to find the Help and support section; this contains in-depth help guides covering a wide range of topics.

Screenshot of PebblePad Platform

Support is also available via the Leeds IT website. Please remember to log in as this will give you additional support options.

< View PebblePad Staff Guides home page
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