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Helping my students submit PebblePad assignments - Staff Guide

Assignments in PebblePad can either be auto or manually submitted.


If you have created a Resource for students to work from, it is best to set this up for auto-submit.  This means that whenever students click Save when working on or viewing the assignment, it is automatically submitted to the correct Assignment and Workspace. After they have saved it for the first time, it will become an Asset in their Asset store. Students should use the Asset that is added to their Asset store and not create another version of the Asset to work on.

Manual Submission

If students are generating their own work without a Resource, it will need to be manually submitted.  You will need to provide the name of the Assignment and the Workspace so that they choose the correct place to submit their work.  As with auto-submit, any changes students make to the assignment until the deadline date are reflected in the submission, without the need to resubmit

Guidance for Students

Make sure your students know which type of submission is appropriate for their particular project and that they have instructions.

For step-by-step instructions on submitting an assignment, refer students to the Submitting for Assessment guide.