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What is a Vevox Q&A?

On all Vevox Sessions, a Q&A board is attached by default. Within Vevox this is often referred to as Questions & Answers. Q&As can make your presentations more interactive, to make the audience feel part of a conversation. 

Q and A on Vevox

Participants can submit their own questions, ideas, or comments, as well as upvote those from others. If you need to keep the conversation on track, discussions can be moderated. Participants can answer both anonymously or non anonymously depending on the session settings you have set for your Q&A. 

If you would like to turn off the Q&A board on your Vevox Session see, How do I remove the Q&A from a Vevox session guide.

For more information on Q&A boards in Vevox sessions, visit the Vevox Helpsite.