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Ally: Staff Guides

Ally is an easy to use tool within Minerva that provides accessibility indicators and an accessibility module report so you can identify how accessible your content within Minerva is and fix issues flagged by the indicators.

Your students will have the option to download alternative formats of content from your modules and organisation into 7 different formats (audio, ePub, HTML, electronic Braille, tagged PDF, BeeLine Reader, Immersive Reader).

Ally has three key features:

  1. It will identify content with accessibility issues
  2. It will show staff how to make their content more accessible
  3. It will also automatically give students access to files in multiple formats, such as braille, html and mp3 audio. See the student guide, How to download alternative formats with Ally for more information.

How to use Ally

Guidance on how to use Ally to improve the accessibility of your content.

Disabling Alternative Formats in Ally

Situations may arise where an alternative format isn't appropriate for some of the files uploaded to your module areas. In these cases, Alternative Formats can be disabled for students.

Aligning equations properly in Word

Aligning equations is a useful ability in mathematical writing as it improves the readability of long equations and sequences that may otherwise be unreadable. Learning how to align equations properly will help avoid odd characters appearing when they go through an Ally conversion.

Ally: On Demand Training

Watch the 15 minute training presentation which introduces Ally and showing you how to use it. This link will open in Microsoft Stream.

Need help finding a guide? The A to Z of Ally guides lists all the Ally guides currently available on this site. Don't forget you can also search this site to find answers to your questions.