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How to use Ally - Staff Guide

Ally is an easy to use tool within Minerva that provides accessibility indicators and an accessibility module report so you can identify how accessible your content within Minerva is and fix issues flagged by the indicators. Your students will have the option to download alternative formats of content from your modules and organisation into 7 different formats (audio, ePub, HTML, electronic Braille, tagged PDF, BeeLine Reader, Immersive Reader).

Ally has three key features:

  1. It will identify content with accessibility issues
  2. It will show staff how to make their content more accessible
  3. It will also automatically give students access to files in multiple formats, such as braille, html and mp3 audio.

Improving the accessibility of uploaded files

The tool will show staff an accessibility indicator next to module files (PDF, Word, PowerPoint, OpenOffice/LibreOffice, Uploaded HTML, Image files.) Staff can click on the accessibility indicator to access on-screen advice on how to fix the accessibility issues identified in their module files.



Shortly after content is added, students (and staff) can access an alternative format of the content.






Improving the accessibility of Documents

Documents are a type of content, new to Ultra Course View Minerva modules. An accessibility indicator will also be provided for Documents. To access this indicator staff will need to navigate to the Document they would like to check and click the three dots icon and then Edit. A score will then appear in the top right-hand corner next to the document's visibility status.  

gif of Minerva Platform

Staff can click on the accessibility indicator within their content to access on-screen advice on how to fix the accessibility issues identified in their content. 

Module Accessibility Report

Staff can also access a module accessibility report which highlights accessibility issues at a module level and indicates issues which are quick to fix. This is accessed via the Details & Actions menu on the left of your module (Reading List & Tools):

Access Ally in a module



Now select Accessibility report.
Select Accessibility Report to enter Module Ally Tool






You will see an Overall Module accessibility score and any issues that need correcting. You may wish to focus on resolving issues with the easiest issues to fix or fix content with the lowest accessibility score. Both are flagged in the report.











If you select Content on this page it will list all module content files with an accessibility indicator next to each one, click the item to access on-screen advice on how to fix the accessibility issues identified.









Ally should be enabled automatically in your module or organisation shortly after a file is added (normally within 15 minutes). If you cannot see Ally, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Introduction to Ally | On Demand Training

Watch a 15 minute video introduction to Ally for staff. This link will open Microsoft Stream.

Further Resources

Blackboard provide some useful guidance:

General help on creating accessible documents (including maths-specific guidance) is available on the Digital Accessibility website.