Accessibility in Minerva – Staff Guides

Minerva has been designed and developed in accordance with the internationally recognised Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA.

As part of the move to Ultra Course View you’ll notice the usability of all of the interactive tools (discussion boards, blogs and journals) have been improved. New releases introduce usability improvements for everyone, especially those users that use assistive technology. The new experience of reading a thread is simple to consume with screen reader technology. Clutter has been removed from the page, so screen reader and keyboard-only users have less to sift through as they navigate the interface.

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It’s not always possible to make all of the content within learning and teaching resources fully accessible for all users. For this reason, all Minerva modules contain a dedicated area in the ‘Module Information’ section for you to include a module accessibility statement. You can find a module accessibility statement template on the Digital Accessibility website
Ally is an easy to use tool within Minerva that provides accessibility indicators so you can identify how accessible your content within Minerva is and fix issues flagged by the indicators. See the Ally Staff Guides.

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