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A to Z of Minerva Staff Guides

You may also find the A to Z of Minerva Student Guides helpful to refer to if you want to signpost your students to relevant guidance.

Don't forget you can also search this site to find answers to your questions.


Academic Skills, embedding
Access, can students access previous years' module
Access, who can access Minerva?
Accessibility in Minerva
Accessibility, keyboard shortcuts and screen readers
Activity, monitoring
Adaptive Release, see Conditional Availability
Announcements, module
Assignments, Blackboard Assignment guides
Assignments, checklist for creating a Blackboard Assignments
Assignments, getting started
Assignments, Gradescope - create online assignments
Assignments, Gradescope - create homework assignments
Assignments, Turnitin
Availability, Modules/Organisations


Batch edit, multiple items availability
Browser, recommended browsers


Can't find/see my module, troubleshooting
Collaborate, guides
Communications, Minerva Policy
Communications, request for University-wide
Communications, School and Faculty
Communicate with students, module level
Complete, mark module as
Complete, undo module marked as
Conditional Availability, creating rules
Conditional Availability, removing rules
Copy content
Copyright and Minerva
Conditional Availability, using rules to release content
Conditional Availability, remove rules to release content
Content unavailable, error message


Discussions and Conversations, what are the differences?
Discussions, analyse
Discussions, create
Discussions, grade
Discussions, post and reply
Documents, create
Documents, edit placeholders


Enrolment, assigned on Banner in staff role but have a student role
Enrolment, have builder role, want instructor
Enrolments, roles
Enrolment, user not appearing
Etiquette, Netiquette in Minerva


Files, add
Files, add from cloud storage
Files, add from your Content Collection
Files, add Package (Zip)
Files, reduce file size
Folders, add


Getting started with your Modules
Gradebook, access
Gradebook, attach files as feedback
Gradebook, create and hide the Overall Grade
Gradebook, download options
Gradebook, enter grades and feedback
Gradebook, hide grades, assessments and Overall Grades
Gradebook, identify and email students who have not submitted assessments
Gradebook, post grades (return grades/feedback to students)
Gradebook, set exceptions and accommodations
Gradebook, settings
Gradebook, upload options
Gradebook, what are the differences between Original Grade Centre and Ultra Gradebook?
Gradescope, added to your Minerva module
Gradescope, guides
Groups, create and manage
Groups, import group sets and members using CSV upload


Images, add
Images, create a module card thumbnail and banner image
Images, find images for your module from Creative Commons


Journals, create
Journals, viewing your students' Journals


Labster, guides
Learning module or Folder, which should I use?
Learning modules, create
Lecture Capture in Minerva (Mediasite module recordings)
Log in, How to log in to Minerva
Log in, How to log in to Minerva outside of the university


Merged Modules, how to request
Modules and Organisations, find from previous years
Modules and Organisations, find your module or organisation
Modules, how students see staff listed
Module Link, Add
Module staff list


Navigate inside a module
Navigate outside a module
Name pronunciation, add


Organisations, what is an organisation and how to request


Padlet, embed in Minerva
PebblePad, integration with your Minerva module
Progress Tracking
Profile Picture, add
Pronunciation, add name


Rubrics, Blackboard


Student Preview, review your content
Sway, resize embed


Template and Module building
Tests, Comparison between Ultra and Original
Tests, Copying Original tests to Ultra Course View
Tests, getting started with Blackboard Tests
Tests, checklist for creating a Blackboard Test
Top Hat, sync to your Minerva module
Turnitin, guides


Ultra Course View, what are the differences between Ultra and Original?
Unavailable, module is unavailable


Video, add from Mediasite
Video, embed, (for third-party sites, e.g. Microsoft Stream, YouTube)
Virtual Classrooms