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Create Minerva Journals - Staff Guide

Journals are an excellent way for your students to work privately or communicate directly with you.  Journals can be used by students for: 

  • Self-reflection 
  • Responding to tutor prompts and comments that enable more structured reflection 
  • Sharing opinions, ideas or concerns privately with you 
  • Sharing work privately with you which can be shaped and developed via on-going comments back and forth 

Within Module Content, select the + icon wherever you want to add the journal. You may need to hover beneath content items to make the + icon appear. To add content to Folders/Learning Modules, click on the Folders and Learning Modules to open them. Then look for the + to add content to your Folder or Learning Module:

You will then name your Journal, add a prompt to help set expectations, and enable grading if desired.

Read - Create Journals

See Create Journals on Blackboard's website for step-by-step written guidance on creating Journals.

Watch - Create Journals

Learn how you can easily create and manage Journals (1.04 minutes).

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