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Assessment and Grades in Minerva - Student Guides

Your tutor(s) may ask you to submit assessed work online, using one of these tools/system

If you are unsure which guide you should read to understand how to submit your work, check the information you have been given by your tutor/ask your tutor which tool or system they are using. The assessment system/tool you will use is dependant on your course, and method of assessment chosen by your tutor. If you are looking for specific guidance, don't forget you can search this site.


Learn how to submit assessed work in Turnitin.


Learn how to submit a Gradescope assignment.

Test (Blackboard)

Learn how to find Tests assigned to you, and how to submit one.

Assignments (Blackboard)

Learn how to find Assignments assigned to you, and how to submit one.

Top Hat

Guidance for students taking online time limited assessments (OTLA) in Top Hat.


Learn how to submit assessed work in PebblePad.

Minerva Discussions

Your tutor may ask you to contribute to Discussions where your contribution is graded, learn where to find Discussions, and how to contribute to them.

Minerva Journals

Your tutor may assign you a Journal where your contribution is graded, learn how to find your Journal and add entries.

Search this site

Don't forget, you can search this site for answers to specific questions you might have.

Tips on submitting assessed work online

If you have been asked to submit assessed work online or take part in an online test, here are some tips to help you successfully submit your work. We’ve also included some trouble-shooting steps for you to try if you’re having trouble.


Check your grades in Minerva

Learn how to find your grades in Minerva and the different ways they can be shown to you.

What is the Overall Grade/Current Grade in Minerva, how is it calculated?

When viewing your grades, your tutor may have opted to show you an Overall Grade, learn more about how this is calculated.

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Don't forget you can also search this site to find the guidance you are looking for.

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