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Minerva Module Content is varied, it can be documents, videos, presentations, assessments, or interactive content such as Discussions, Conversations or Journals.

Your tutor(s) may ask you to interact with certain types of Module Content. Learn more about the content you can interact with. If you are looking for specific guidance, don’t forget you can search this site. You may also find the A to Z of Minerva Guides helpful.

Progress Tracking in Minerva

If your tutor has turned progress tracking on for your module, you'll have the option to keep track of the content you have worked through and to monitor your progress. Learn more about Progress Tracking.


A Journal, like a diary, is for personal reflections. Journals are private between a student and tutor. Your tutor may also ask you to contribute to a Journal that will be graded (you’ll see a due date if it’s graded). Learn more about Journals.


Tutors can create Groups within a module. Groups usually consist of a small number of students for study groups or projects. Your tutor may either assign you to a Group, or allow you to join the Group you want to be part of. Learn how to find out which groups you are a part of and how to join one.

Interact with others

You may be asked to interact with your tutors and peers in a module using Minerva tools, guidance on these interactive tools are provided below.


Your tutor may create Discussion topics in your module to encourage you to think critically about your work and interact with each others’ ideas asynchronously. Discussions can be graded or ungraded. Learn how to find, reply, and create Discussion topics.

Edit/delete Discussions

Depending on the type of Discussion and who created it, you have different options for editing and deleting Discussion content.


Conversations in Minerva allow you to discuss module content with your peers and your tutor(s). Tutors can enable Conversations for certain types of content. This gives you the opportunity to ask (and answer) questions, share comments and develop discussions around these content items. Learn more about Conversations.

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Download Minerva content in alternative formats

Have you ever found content in your module that was difficult to read, or you wish came in a different format? With the help of Ally, you can download alternative formats directly from your module or organisation in Minerva. Learn how to use Ally.

What the icons mean in Minerva and the module content area

You may wonder what the different icons mean when moving around Minerva. They are to help you understand the different types of content in a module. Here is a list of the most popular icons you’ll see when using Minerva.

Need help finding a guide? The A to Z of Minerva Guides lists all the Minerva guides currently available on this site. You can also search this site to find answers to questions.