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Issue with navigating between Group Assignment Submissions in Minerva

Service Disruption

When using the arrows to move back and forth between group assignment submissions from the Gradebook, the submission file does not update, making it seem that the groups all submitted the same file.

We have escalated this issue with the vendor as a matter of urgency, and we will provide an update once this issue has been resolved.

While the issue is ongoing staff can ensure they see the correct file for each group by individually opening each group’s submission from the assignment's Submission page.

  1. Select the assignment in the Gradebook
  2. On the Submissions page, select the group
  3. A peek panel opens, click on the attempt listed
  4. Download the file in the Submission content area, using the three dots next to the file name
  5. Close the window using the cross in the red box on the left hand side
  6. Select the next group and download the file in the same way