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Minerva - Messages incorrectly emailed to people with inactive enrolments

Known Issues and Bugs

The DE Systems Team has identified an issue with emailed messages sent in Minerva modules and organisations to All students or All instructors. This issue does not occur when sending messages to All module members. This does not affect any announcements that are sent as an email, which will only be sent to enrolled staff and students.

If a message is sent to All students and Send an email copy to recipients has been selected, any student who has a history on the module (including those who have been removed) will receive an email of the message. Likewise, if you use All Instructors, and select Send an email copy to recipients, this will send an email to all instructors who have a history on the module (including those who have been removed).

We have escalated the issue with the vendor who has confirmed that this is a bug, and a fix is being developed as a priority. We will provide an update once the issue is resolved.

Until this issue is resolved, a workaround is to use the All module members option when sending an email as part of a message. This will send to both staff and students on your module but will not include those who have been unenrolled.