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Minerva Monthly Update – December 2022

New Features / Bug Fixes / Releases

The December update to Minerva introduces updates to drag and drop, reporting on student progress, question banks, the student preview exit process, and copying improvements. A new feature has also been introduced: module links.

New Features and Improvements 

Module Links 

You can now add links to other parts of your module. You can add links to: Ultra Documents; Blackboard Test/Assignment; SCORM; files; LTI content/integrated tools (e.g. Turnitin, Gradescope, Mediasite, PebblePad, Top Hat and Reading Lists); and Journal. To find out more, review our guide on how to add a Module Link. 

Drag and Drop 

Many users found drag and drop too responsive and therefore it was difficult to use. The drag-and-drop experience is improved in this release. The icon for drag and drop has also been moved, it is now on the left of the item’s name. Content can also be moved using the keyboard, see our guide on using keyboard shortcuts. 

Single Student Progress report 

If you have switched on Progress Tracking in your module, you can now review interactions for an individual student. To find out how to access this report, review our guide on Progress Tracking functionality. 

Question Banks 

You can now search for a Question Bank and for questions within your Question Banks. 

Student Preview 

How you exit Student Preview has been refined to make for a better user experience. When you exit, you will be asked whether you wish to Save or Delete the Student Preview account. If you delete it, this will remove all content related to the Student Preview account on that module. 

Copying Content 

The copy panel is now larger, and you can see the items you have already selected to copy whilst browsing for more items to copy. Breadcrumbs have also been introduced to improve navigation. Please see our Copy Content guide for guidance.  

Known Issues Resolved 

Student enrolments are managed by Banner (all students officially studying the module will be automatically enrolled on the Minerva module). However, there are times when you may need to manually add a student to a module. In the past, if you typed in their full name to add them to the module, no results were returned. This issue has been resolved.