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Minerva Monthly Update - February 2023

New Features / Bug Fixes / Releases

The February update to Minerva brings improvements to Tests, Gradebook, Progress Tracking and Groups.

New Features and Improvements 


The Hot Spot question now has the option to create a polygon hot spot which can be used to create more complex shapes. These can be drawn via the mouse or keyboard.


(Image courtesy of Anthology)


Sorting options are now available in the Gradable Items view. Students will also see sorting options in their view of Gradebook. Sorting options for other parts of the Gradebook are planned for a future release (date tbc).

Progress Tracking

Progress tracking now includes interactions students make with Ally (which provides alternative formats of files). Interactions with Ally will be recorded from o3 February 2023 onwards.


Members of Groups will now be able to easily see who else is in their Group from the Group page.