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Minerva New Feature: AI Design Assistant


An AI Design Assistant has recently been introduced within Minerva to assist academic staff with creating content in their module areas.

How can I use the AI Design Assistant?:

The AI Design Assistant uses Microsoft Azure OpenAI to help staff create:

  • Learning Modules (containers only) to generate module structures based on an objective, concept, or theme. The Design Assistant can generate one or more Learning Module containers and can include a title, image and description
  • Test questions for formative assessments
  • Question Bank for Tests to generate formative question banks that can be reused in multiple assessments based on the text within a Minerva Document

The data entered into the AI Design Assistant is not used to train the AI and staff will have complete control over what content is added to modules. All AI-generated content can be amended as required.

Where do I find out more?

The staff guide on the AI Design Assistant is available to help you, including information on generating and checking content. Information on the use of AI in all our digital education systems is also available.

You can also access the University's Guidance to staff on the use of artificial intelligence.