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PebblePad Downtime: 27 April 22, between 7am & 7:30am

Downtime and Maintenance

On Wednesday 27th April 2022, there will be 30 minutes of potential downtime from 7 am whilst PebblePad implement their latest release (2022.4).

Submission Viewer 2 will now support Asset Approvals. You can now create, edit, delete, release and recall Asset Approvals at every level (1, 2 and 3).

Submissions in ATLAS can now be filtered by 'updated'.  This means you can now sort through all the submissions within ATLAS to quickly identify which students have, or have not, made changes to their submission. You can use this instead of sorting by 'modification date' to help identify which submissions need to be actioned, for example giving them grades and feedback or, if there has been no update, prompting learners into positive action.

For more information on this release, see the full notes.