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Turnitin - Changes to Feedback Release Date Functionality


Recent updates to Turnitin have introduced new functionality which may impact how some users release grades and feedback for 2021/22 modules using Original Course View.

Previously, we recommended hiding Grade Centre columns from students to prevent the early release of grades and feedback while marking was still underway, as assignments that don't use anonymous marking will immediately update marks entered to their grade centre column. Now Turnitin will update Grade Centre column visibility when the Feedback Release Date is reached. Any Turnitin columns will now be unhidden at that point.

We understand that some schools currently move the release date forward to de-anonymise submissions for admin tasks before grades can be formally released to students. Please be aware the grade centre column will now need to be manually re-hidden after changing the release date if using this workaround. Papers can also individually be de-anonymised as required through the Turnitin assignment inbox without manipulating the release date.

For further assistance, contact your Faculty-based Learning Technologist. Please accept our apologies for the suddenness of this change.