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View a tutee's ratified module marks - Academic Personal Tutor's Guide

This guide covers how to use StREAM@Leeds to view your tutees' ratified module marks from previous years of study.

As their Academic Personal Tutor, you will also have access to your tutees' learning analytics data in StREAM@Leeds, which provides insight into their digital engagement. There is no expectation for you to review this data. Your tutees may indicate they wish to talk about their learning analytics; additional StREAM@Leeds Staff Guides are available should you wish to learn more, or have a specific question.

1. Log-in to StREAM@Leeds using your University username and password, (you will be asked to complete Duo-Factor authentication). Once you've logged in the StREAM@Leeds MI Dashboard should be displayed.

2. From the menu bar that runs along the top of the screen, select MY STUDENTS to open a list of your tutees.

You can use the filters to the left of the list to filter your tutees using predefined options, for example, to view only your year 2 tutees. You can also search for a particular tutee using the search options, see Search for a tutee in StREAM@Leeds for further guidance.

3. Click on a student's name to open their StREAM@Leeds Dashboard. Your student's Dashboard has 6 tabs, you will land on the CURRENT ENGAGEMENT tab automatically.

4. Select your tutee's ASSESSMENTS tab. This tab displays a list of your tutee's ratified module marks from previous academic years of study. This tab is refreshed every September to include the ratified module marks from the previous year.

Each row represents an individual module and contains the following details:

  • Module code
  • The date the grade was ratified
  • The grade (typically a numerical grade but can also be P or F for pass/fail modules)

Clicking the down arrow, to the right of a grade will provide the module name and additional information.


If you want to check your tutee's programme of study, click their PROFILE tab. This displays a number of information cards, the Course information and Course type cards provide the course details and registration status for your selected tutee.