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Academic Personal Tutoring (APT): Student Essentials

Academic Personal Tutoring is at the heart of the University’s commitment to helping you make the most of your time at Leeds and your relationship with your Academic Personal Tutor (APT) is an important one. 

As part of Academic Personal Tutoring at the University of Leeds:

  • You will have your own LeedsforLife workbook to support you throughout your time at Leeds.
  • Your Academic Personal Tutor or school will contact you to arrange meetings during the year.
  • To prepare for your meetings, you can write notes in your LeedsforLife workbook about what you'd like to discuss.
  • Both you and you Academic Personal Tutor can use your LeedsforLife workbook to reflect on your meetings and record any agreed actions.

Academic Personal Tutoring is supported through two digital systems: PebblePad and StREAM@Leeds Learning Analytics. These systems are mentioned in the APT guides below.

Help Topics

The essential guides above cover these topics. However, we've also broken them down into bite-sized guides so that you can quickly find what you need when you need it. Please note that not all help topics are listed on this page; you may want to use the site search to find answers to any specific questions you might have.

How to add an introduction to your LeedsforLife workbook

Before your first meeting, you may want to add details about yourself to help your Academic Personal Tutor get to know you.   

How to add meeting topics and notes to your LeedsforLife workbook

Both you and your Academic Personal Tutor can use your LeedsforLife workbook to prepare for your APT meetings. You can add details of the topics you want to discuss during your meetings to your LeedsforLife workbook. You can also add notes.

How to share your LeedsforLife workbook with someone other than your APT

In rare circumstances you may need to share your LeedsforLife workbook with a different tutor (for example, if your usual Academic Personal Tutor is on annual leave). Learn how to do this by following the steps in this guide.