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What is Learning Analytics? - Student Guide

Learning Analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of data about learners and their contexts.

This is the most widely used definition across the higher education sector, and focuses on ‘learners’ and ‘learning’.

The University's learning analytics system is called StREAM@Leeds. This system collects your learning analytics data as you interact with various key digital education systems available to you as part of your programme of study.

How can you use your Learning Analytics?

The University provides you with access to your own learning analytics dashboard through StREAM@Leeds. Logging into the system (via a web browser), will allow you to view your own StREAM@Leeds Dashboard. This presents you with an aggregate of your activity across a range of key digital resources and systems and calculates a daily digital Engagement Rating for you. This can help you to consider your digital engagement with your learning and how this can change over time.

Your Academic Personal Tutors can also view your StREAM@Leeds Dashboard. This can aid conversations during your meetings about how you are engaging with your studies.

This website has several StREAM@Leeds Student Guides to help you in your use of the system. We recommend the Get started with StREAM@Leeds guide.

How is the University using Learning Analytics?

Along with providing you with access to your learning analytics, the University will also have access to the information provided by the system. Student Education Service teams who support digital engagement monitoring will be informed if your engagement drops below certain thresholds so they can provide help where appropriate.

In addition to supporting digital engagement monitoring, in due course, analysis of learning analytics will allow us to understand in more detail any barriers to success our students may face. As the University learns more about individual learning journeys, the University's ability to understand and enhance our pedagogical approach will be invaluable.

Finally, it's important to know that the University of Leeds will not share your data with any external individual or organisation without your consent. The University of Leeds takes access and ownership of data very seriously, and as part of its approach to learning analytics, have developed a Learning Analytics Code of Practice (opens in a new window) which stipulates that the data collected will only be used to support student wellbeing, education and outcomes. This was developed in partnership with students, academics and support staff from across the University.

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