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2023/24 Minerva modules now available to staff


All modules due to run in 2023/24 have been created, and enrolments have been added.

Module areas include the Leeds module template, which provides a suggested structure for teaching areas and was created following consultation with staff and in collaboration with students, to improve consistency across all modules.

Preparing your module(s) for the new term

For technical reasons, and to ensure that module areas are uncluttered, content will not be automatically copied from the previous instance of a module. Unlike last summer, when there was a requirement to convert module areas to the new Ultra interface, once staff have reviewed their teaching content, they can use straightforward copy functionality to copy individual items or folders from previous modules at the click of a button.

Top Tips and Reminders for Content Copying

  • For modules that have run in previous years, staff will need to copy content
  • Copying module content from one Ultra module to the next is a simple and easy process
  • Where possible, the structure in the institutional template should be used
  • Individual files, folders and content can be copied easily
  • Integrated assessment tools (Turnitin, Gradescope, Top Hat, Pebblepad) will maintain the original assessment dates and may not work correctly, therefore any such copied items will need to be deleted then replaced. Blackboard assignments and tests can be copied successfully, but assessment dates will need to be updated in 2023/24 modules following copy
  • Although it is possible to copy an entire module in one click, this should not be done as this will cause cluttered module areas and not all content types will copy well.

We recommend that you begin by reading our top tips for building modules in Ultra Course View guide and if you are new to Ultra Course View (introduced in Autumn 22), read our getting started guide. Training sessions will be advertised in the Summer.

How can I access my modules?

You can find 2023/24 modules from the Modules link on the left of the page. Select the 'Current Modules' dropdown from the top of the page, then 202324.

The Modules view will default to 2023/24 after resit examinations have taken place.

Merged modules and programme organisations

Merged modules aren't created automatically, use the merged module request form providing the names/codes of the modules you would like merging.

Programme organisations that existed in 2022/23 have been recreated in 2023/24. Staff requiring leader and assistant access can request this through their Faculty Learning Technologists or via the request staff editing rights form available on the IT Services website. Student enrolments will be added automatically once the data is available in Banner.