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Issues with Minerva data extracts for Academic Integrity, Security Essentials Training & Reading Lists

Reading Lists
Service Disruption

What’s happening?
There is an ongoing issue with data extracts from Minerva, beginning January 8th. This is limited to the following services.

  • Academic Integrity Test results – recent results have been recorded but will not be appearing in central reports
  • Reading Lists – updates may not be appearing
  • Security Essentials Training results – results will not feed into SAP TEM

What are we doing about it?
We are liaising with our supplier and internal teams to identify the cause and fix as soon as possible.

Who is it affecting?
Staff who have recently completed Security Essentials training, reading list users, and students who have recently completed the Academic Integrity Test.

If schools need to check Academic Integrity results urgently for a small number of students, please submit a ticket via the IT Service Desk providing the relevant student details. Any staff who have completed the Security Essentials Training and continue to receive reminders that their IT account will be blocked should also raise a ticket via the IT Service Desk.