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Minerva Monthly Update - August 2022

New Features / Bug Fixes / Releases

The August update to Minerva introduces new features and improvements to existing functionality with a focus on Tests. 

New features 


  • You can now create Question Banks and edit/delete questions within Question Banks (Question Banks are the replacement for Pools if you used Tests in Original (21/22) modules). Find out more in our Getting started with Blackboard Tests guide. 
  • Due Date exceptions can be added for an individual on a per Test basis. Find out more in the Gradebook guide. 
  • When copying a Test from an Original (21/22) module with questions linked to a Pool, you no longer have to select the Pool for copying (it will copy the associated Pool automatically). However, if you have multiple Tests linked to one Pool, make sure you copy them all at the same time. If you copy multiple Tests linked to one Pool separately this will result in multiple copies of the Pool in your destination module with each Test linked to a different copy of the Pool. Find out more in our guide on Copying Tests. 

Student Preview

  • You now have the option to delete your student preview user. We recommend you delete the user when you have finished testing. This will remove their record from the Gradebook. Find out more in our Student Preview guide. 


  • Messages can now be posted to modules before they are available to students. Useful if you wish to contact students before your module materials are ready.