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Turnitin Issue 28/02/22 - Update

Service Disruption

The following advice had been given to us by Turnitin, who advise that this issue is likely caused by the privacy settings enabled in your browser.

If you see an error message that says 'invalid state' when trying to launch Turnitin, please use the following the steps to ensure that your preferred browser reflects the correct preferences:

In Safari, select Safari > Preferences > Security > Web content > Enable JavaScript

In Firefox, select File > Preferences > Privacy & Security. If Strict is enabled, please change this to Standard.

In Microsoft Edge, select Microsoft Edge > Preferences > Cookies and Site permissions > JavaScript > Allowed (recommended)

In Google Chrome, select Settings (you can open the Settings page by clicking the icon with three stacked horizontal lines in your browser's menu bar) > Privacy & Security > Site Settings > Content > JavaScript > Please ensure that the option Sites can use JavaScript (recommended) is enabled. If you would rather select Don't allow sites to use JavaScript, please add and/or to the sites that are Allowed to use JavaScript.

Once you have completed reviewing your browser's Privacy & Security preferences, please close the browser and re-open a new browsing session so that any changes can take effect.

If the issue still persists after applying these settings, please report this to the IT Service Desk.