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Using Gradebook in Minerva Modules | On Demand

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Sunday 1 January - Sunday 31 December, 2023
Type of Training
On-Demand Self Study
31 Minutes

This on demand course is designed to prepare staff for using Gradebook in their Minerva modules.

Please note a newer version of this course is being developed and will be uploaded to the website in due course.

The training is suitable for Staff and PGRs who use Minerva to deliver or support learning and teaching.

The course is made up of 7 sections covering:

These videos do not cover marking using integrated tools e.g. Turnitin, Gradescope, PebblePad or Top Hat. We will only cover how grades are returned from these tools to the Gradebook.

Introduction to the Gradebook

Understand the key differences between Gradebook and Grade Centre in 21/22 modules, see the different ways you can access Gradebook and the different Gradebook views. [5 mins 27 secs]


Grades and Feedback – typical workflows 

Understand the general workflow for how grades are returned to students. See how grades are entered and returned to students for Turnitin and Blackboard assessment tools. We also cover how to hide grades from students if needed.

How grades are returned to students

[3 mins 19 secs]


Turnitin workflow

[2 mins 15 secs]


Blackboard Assignment workflow

[1 min 51 secs]


Submissions which take place outside of Minerva  

Here we look at two Gradebook options for returning grades and feedback for assessments which do not have a submission e.g. an in class presentation. Turnitin can also be used for assessments without submission but this is not covered here. Please see our Turnitin guide on how to create a Turnitin submission and then see Turnitin's guide on how to mark with no file submitted.


[2 mins 19 secs]


Blackboard Offline Assignment

[2 mins 37 secs]


Gradable Item

[2 mins 45 secs]



Downloading/Uploading Gradebook data 

Understand how you can download and upload Gradebook grades and how you can view a history of grade changes in Gradebook.


[43 secs]


Downloading/uploading grades

[1 min 44 secs]


Grade History

[1 min 39 secs]


Accommodations and exceptions 

Learn about accommodations and exceptions for students in Minerva modules and how these can be used to give students a different deadline, extra time or extra attempt on Blackboard assessments (e.g. Test or Assignment).


[55 secs]


How to set accommodations/exceptions

[1 min 5 secs]


Overall and Calculated Grades 

An overview of overall and calculated grades in Gradebook including the steer on use. [2 mins 10 secs]


Features coming soon 

We are expecting improvements in the following areas:

  • Gradebook sorting (list view and grid view)
  • Emailing non submitters

Keep up to date with Gradebook improvements by checking our list of Minerva monthly releases.

Further Information

Guides to supplement this course:

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