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Assess and evaluate in Minerva: Staff Guides

This page contains links to assessment tools used to assess, grade and provide feedback to students, along with evaluation tools to evaluate student performance and participation, both for formative and summative purposes.

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The Gradebook in Minerva provides access to student submissions and other gradable activity from any integrated assessment tool.

Mark, view and download submissions and return marks to students.

Blackboard Grading Rubrics

Blackboard Grading Rubrics are a teaching and grading scoring tool which allow you to formalise grading schema for an assessment item.

Arranging External Examiner Access

Quality Assurance have advised that external examiners must have a Leeds IT account before they can be given access to submissions and any other University systems (e.g. Minerva).

See, Leeds IT accounts for external examiners for guidance on how this can be arranged.

Academic Integrity Summary required for all summative assessments

An Academic Integrity summary needs to be added to the description field in Minerva on all links to summative assessments regardless of the tool being used to deliver the assessment.

See the Academic Integrity Summary guide for guidance on how to add this and the text you need to include.

Assessment and Evaluation Tools

These tools are all available via Minerva and have functionality that has been integrated with the Gradebook in Minerva.

Blackboard Assignment

Built-in Minerva tool for creating assignments that do not need plagiarism checking.

Blackboard Test

Built-in Minerva testing tool for both summative and formative assessment.

Blackboard Forms

Built-in Minerva tool for gathering information from students.


Tool for peer evaluation of group work contribution.


Electronic creation, delivery, submission and marking of a number of assessment types, including handwritten work.


Learn how to use PebblePad to create scaffolded resources that you student can complete to compile and present information.


Turnitin is a plagiarism detection and marking system.

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