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Errors when accessing files in Minerva

Service Disruption

What’s happening?

We have had reports from some users of 404 or resource not found errors when opening files on Minerva.

What are we doing about it?

We have escalated the issues to our supplier for urgent action.

How can I continue to access files?

Edge 404 error

If you are seeing a 404 error when using the Microsoft Edge browser, or the message  “Sorry, there was a problem and we can’t open this document. If this happens again, try opening the Document in Microsoft Word”, a workaround is to change the behaviour in Edge to download the file(s).

  1. Open Edge settings
  2. Select Downloads
  3. set Open Office files in the Browser to Off


Resource not found error

This is a sporadic issue where changing the web browser may resolve the issue, an alternative workaround is to download the file(s) using Ally.

To download alternative formats with Ally click the Ally icon and a new window opens, this shows you the choice of alternative formats for that file. Select what you want and click Download.

Ally A icon highlighted next to a content item

Detailed guidance on Ally alternative formats can be found on the Digital Education Systems help website.

If you are impacted by this please click on ‘I’m affected’ via the IT Service Status page to log an incident with the IT Service Desk (you will need to log in).

Apologies for any disruption caused.