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What the icons mean in Minerva

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Icons appear next to content and lists in Minerva when viewing the:

  • Module Content area
  • Gradebook
  • Grades page
  • Activity Stream

You may wonder what the different icons mean - they are to help you understand the structure and differentiate between the different types of content in a module, for example, a presentation, a document, a Blackboard Test, a link, a folder.

Here is a list of the most common icons you'll see when using Minerva.

How the icon looksWhat the icon representsHow screen readers read out the iconAdditional notes
Blackboard AssignmentAssignmentGuides for this tool:
Blackboard Assignment - Student Guides
Blackboard Assignment - Staff Guides
Blackboard TestTestGuides for this tool:
Blackboard Test - Student Guides
Blackboard Test - Staff Guides
DiscussionDiscussionGuides for this tool:
Minerva Discussions - Student Guides
Minerva Discussions - Staff Guides
DocumentText DocumentA document can consist of links, images, text, videos and more.
FolderFolderClick the folder name to expand it and see the content inside.
GradesGradesStudents are likely to see this icon in their Activity Stream, Grades page and the Grade book to show that their grades are available. Staff see the icon where they have grading tasks.
GradescopeGradescopeGuides for this tool:
Gradescope - Student Guides
Gradescope - Staff Guides
JournalJournalThis is what the Journal icon looks like in a Module Content area, Gradebook and the Grades page. It looks different in the Activity Stream (see row below).
Guides for this tool:
Journals in Minerva - Student Guides
Journals in Minerva - Staff Guides
JournalJournal* In the Activity Stream, the Journal icon currently looks different. We are expecting this to be updated in the coming months so that the same icon is used to represent Journals.
LabsterLabsterGuides for this tool:
Labster - Student Guides
Gradescope - Staff Guides
Learning ModuleLearning ModuleClick on a Learning Module's name to expand it and view the content inside. Staff often use Learning Modules instead of Folders to organise content as it allows you to move from one content item to the next without distractions or extra clicks.
MediasiteMediasiteGuides for this tool:
Mediasite - Student Guides
Mediasite - Staff Guides
Microsoft TeamsMicrosoft TeamsGuides for this tool:
Microsoft Teams - Student Guides
Microsoft Teams - Staff Guides
Module StatusModuleYou're likely to see this icon in your Activity Stream when a module is made available.
Multiple DocumentsMultiple DocumentsYou're likely to see this icon in your Activity Stream when multiple documents are added to a module. Documents can consist of links, images, text, videos and more.

PadletPadletGuides for this tool:
Padlet - Student Guides
Padlet: Staff Guides
PebblePad/ATLASPebblePad/ATLASYou may see either the PebblePad or the ATLAS logo depending on the type of content.
Guides for this tool:
PebblePad - Student Guides
PebblePad - Staff Guides
PresentationPresentationThese are usually PowerPoint files.
Top HatTop HatGuides for this tool:
Top Hat - Student Guides
Top Hat - Staff Guides
TurnitinTurnitinGuides for this tool:
Turnitin - Student Guides
Turnitin - Staff Guides

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View Minerva Staff Guides home page