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A to Z of PebblePad Staff Guides

You may also find the A to Z of PebblePad Student Guides helpful to refer to if you want to signpost your students to relevant guidance. If you are using PebblePad for your own development (e.g. a blog, portfolio etc), please refer to the student guides for guidance.

Don't forget you can also search this site to find answers to your questions.


Academic Personal Tutoring - Using PebblePad for APT
Accessibility, Making PebblePad content accessible
Assessment, Assess, grade and feedback on students' submissions in PebblePad
Assessment, Helping your students submit PebblePad assignments
Assessment, Managing PebblePad assignments
Assets and Resources - what's the difference?


(Guide for) External Assessors


Getting Started - 6 minute PebblePad onboarding


Integrations, Understanding PebblePad integrations with Minerva and Turnitin


Links, embedding PebblePad links in Minerva


Module teaching using PebblePad


Pebble+, PebblePad and Atlas - What are the differences


Saving and Closing your PebblePad work

Sharing, Using PebblePad to share information online
Showcase - PebblePad exemplars
Student Guidance - helping my students find and access PebblePad


Template, Create a PebblePad Template
Training on-demand - OD&PL PebblePad on-demand training available


Workbook, Creating a PebblePad Workbook
Workspaces, Applying settings, resources and assignments to a PebblePad ATLAS Workspace
Workspaces, Archiving
Workspaces, Creating
Workspaces, Creating sets in PebblePad Workspaces
Workspaces, select settings, resources and assignments for a Workspace