Create content in Minerva

Structuring content

Rather than simply uploading content into your module, it is recommended you plan in advance. Do you want your content to be structured in a specific way – for example, by week or by topic? Think about what would make the most sense to your students.

Before you start creating folders, keep in mind Ultra allows for a “two deep” folder structure in keeping with the mobile first approach. If this has impact on your module design, you might need to re-think your approach.

Containers for your content

Adding and copying content

You can add a variety of content, such as online lectures, multimedia, tests, assignments, links to websites, reading lists and more to your module/organisation. You can also copy content from other modules.

Using Student Preview to review your content

Making your content accessible

Managing the release of content

Content Collection

The Content Collection is the file storage behind Minerva. You can browse the Content Collection to add files to a module or organisation. It is especially useful if you want to add the same document to multiple modules/organisations (e.g. School Contact List).

  • What is the Content Collection? (guides coming soon)